Link n Hops

Link n Hops is a gourmet sausage eatery, located in a small strip mall in Atwater Village.



They’ve got over 24 international beers on tap…


…and lots of sausages.


Abe and I sat with our drinks inside, under the Dodgers game…


…and enjoyed some killer vegan links – Beerbrat and Spicy Pepper…


…both topped with Sauerkraut and Sauteed Onions.  Fabulous. As were the crispy, perfect Belgian Fries.


The surprise munchie was their BBQ’d Munich Style Pretzel.



Much more pleasant than my last experience with Munich.


The owner (who treated us to lunch) told us there’s a secret salad off the menu – ask for it and see if it’s available!  They’ll be co-hosting the Atwater Village Beer, Food, and Wine Festival on April 27th.

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2 thoughts on “Link n Hops

  1. Denise

    That “Brez’l” indeed looks like it might taste the way it’s supposed to taste here in Munich! 🙂
    Sad to read that you had such a sub-par time when you were visiting here! Should you ever come back, let me know and I’ll treat you to some typical Bavarian cuisine.
    Love your blog, finding lots of ideas on where to eat out next time I’ll visit L.A.

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