Noodling Around

March 28, 2014

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All I have to say is: TGIFF. The extra “F” is for this:


But on the same day Abe broke his pinky finger (jumping into a pool – yes, a swimming pool) we got a new fridge! For 8 years we’ve had one without shelves on the door; so much extra space now that we can easily access our condiments…


…I immediately went to Trader Joe’s to stock up.


The Fresh Rice Noodles are easy to make, but immediately began clumping after boiling – anyone have a tip for that?


Did NOT like it mixed with their Peanut Satay. Not sure if it was the sauce – I definitely liked them with french fries – but with the noodles, the combo was meh.



Our Disneyland shoot is postponed until after Abe’s cast is removed – but in the meantime, check out who’s in his latest BuzzFeed video (at 36 seconds in)

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