Podcast 29 – Rachelle Wood

Episode 29 of The Actor’s Diet Podcast features Rachelle Wood.  Rachelle started off as a blog reader and is now a really good friend of mine.  Rachelle works all the time – in national commercials on TV, in print for fashion and beauty.  Yet, she remains one of the most down-to-earth, honest, humble, and relatable women I know.

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We chat over lunch at Panera Bread about body image, maternity modeling (she’s done the Target AND Old Navy campaigns) and the best places to eat in The Valley.  Download the episode on iTunes.  Please subscribe and leave a rating/review to help others find the podcast!



4 thoughts on “Podcast 29 – Rachelle Wood

  1. Chante

    I thoroughly enjoyed that interview, Lynn. So much so that I am going to go back into the archive and check out more when I have time. I see you releasing these, but so often time gets away from me! Nonetheless, Rachelle’s modeling experience and lack of body image issues is rare, yet refreshing in the industry. I enjoyed being a fly on the wall and getting the inside scoop on what her maternity modeling days are like.

  2. Kate

    Hi Lynn, we’re definitely still listening! At least, I am. I’ve been catching up after a crazy winter. Please keep it up! I enjoyed this episode.

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