Trader Joes Video for BuzzFeed

Friday was a big YouTube day for me! First, the launch of Eva and Evelyn, followed by this video (which has just a few more hits).

I reached into the inner depths of my mind to bring you four Trader Joes “recipes” – okay, one was inspired by Coriann’s brunch.



After our Disneyland video, Abe and I realized we make a great BuzzFeed team!




We shot another one about quick, healthy breakfasts – if you follow me on Twitter (both my personal and blog accounts) or Instagram you’ll be the first to know when it comes out!



2 thoughts on “Trader Joes Video for BuzzFeed

  1. vanillasugarblog

    Yay you!
    I need to send you an email about TheKitchn stuff; you’re never gonna believe this stuff. Look for a DM on Facebook
    Sharing this link on FB fo sho!

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