Weekend Eats

Some really great food since Friday…


…I had an hour-and-a-half callback in the Valley and desperately needed a sweet pick-me-up afterwards. Stopped by Gelato Bar on Tujunga – small portions but BIG flavor. Still can’t believe these were vegan sorbets.


I didn’t photograph Valentine’s Day dinner (so I could make goo goo eyes at Abe) but I will say Cafe Gratitude’s sister/San Francisco’s vegan transplant Gracias Madre exceeded both our expectations. We had the Pickles/Pozole/Enchiladas, and were quite happy. Will have to come back and do another post.


Didn’t actually eat anything at Alfred Coffee and Kitchen the next day, but the place was so adorable I took a couple iPhone pix.


IMG_2507 IMG_2517

FYI They do have some delicious-looking/sounding food there, too.


We wound up ordering Chinese takeout for Sunday dinner via SeamlessGreen Tea House.


The only place on the delivery site that has veggie dumplings – in honor of TDS’ birthday, of course!


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5 thoughts on “Weekend Eats

  1. Sues

    I’m always jealous of the awesome food you have in LA. Boston needs to catch up with the times! And clearly I need to visit LA 🙂

  2. Emily

    The Gelato Bar is mere blocks from my apartment! I wish I had known you were in the area.
    It looks like you had a lovely weekend!

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