From the people who brought you Chipotle, comes ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen.

photo 1


No burritos, just bowls.


You can do halfsies! I went 1/2 Brown Rice, 1/2 salad…


…1/2 chicken, 1/2 meatballs…


…mostly string beans and a little broccoli…


…plus Tamarind Vinaigrette (FYI the curries are not vegetarian – they have fish sauce), Green Papaya Slaw, Herb Salad, and Crispy Garlic on top.



Mye and Dave treated us! They eat here all the time…


…I think Abe and I will too! We were both impressed. Even though it’s just down the street from Thai Town (where my favorites Jitlada/Ruen Pair live) it is also RIGHT ACROSS from The Arclight.


FYI, the heat level is pretty high already, but in case you need it, they’ve got you covered.

photo 2

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5 thoughts on “ShopHouse

  1. Amy H

    Oh my gosh, what a coincidence! I just discovered this place on Sunday night while walking around the promenade with my fiance! He didn’t want to eat there because he can’t handle too much spice, but I loved it! I’m going back for sure. What great flavor for a decent price!

  2. Cortney

    Yum! Now I am craving this but we are snowed in and I don’t live in Cali. 🙁

    However, after all my 34 years living in Atlanta I will be moving to Santa Monica in three weeks. Crazy. It is quiet a change but I am thankful I will have your blog as a guide to the best places to eat 🙂

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