From the people who brought you Chipotle, comes ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen.

photo 1


No burritos, just bowls.


You can do halfsies! I went 1/2 Brown Rice, 1/2 salad…


…1/2 chicken, 1/2 meatballs…


…mostly string beans and a little broccoli…


…plus Tamarind Vinaigrette (FYI the curries are not vegetarian – they have fish sauce), Green Papaya Slaw, Herb Salad, and Crispy Garlic on top.



Our friends Mye and Dave treated us! They eat here all the time…


…I think Abe and I will too! We were both impressed. Even though it’s just down the street from Thai Town (where my favorites Jitlada/Ruen Pair live) it is also RIGHT ACROSS from The Arclight.


FYI, the heat level is pretty high already, but in case you need it, they’ve got you covered.

photo 2


5 thoughts on “ShopHouse

  1. Amy H

    Oh my gosh, what a coincidence! I just discovered this place on Sunday night while walking around the promenade with my fiance! He didn’t want to eat there because he can’t handle too much spice, but I loved it! I’m going back for sure. What great flavor for a decent price!

  2. Cortney

    Yum! Now I am craving this but we are snowed in and I don’t live in Cali. 🙁

    However, after all my 34 years living in Atlanta I will be moving to Santa Monica in three weeks. Crazy. It is quiet a change but I am thankful I will have your blog as a guide to the best places to eat 🙂

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