All Hail Gail

February 1, 2014

in dessert, dinner

Aunt Gail is here! We celebrated her birthday (and Lunar New Year) last night at Mark and Jen’s with some Japanese snacks


…noodles (Pad Thai with chicken/shrimp on the side)…


…carrots roasted in honey/thyme…


…and a lovely ginger/lime dressed salad.


For dessert, pie! I had one frozen from our trip to Julian in the freezer – left overnight in the fridge to thaw, and re-baked until warm.


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1 Gail Flackett February 4, 2014 at 5:50 am

Thanks for your comments and the photos of the delicious meal. I loved the Japanese rice cakes, and that pie. It is the best! Thank you for being there.

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