I Have a Dream

Last Monday, Abe had off for MLK Jr. Day, so we went for a leisurely breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien.


I tried something new – their brown rice pudding with cranberry/orange compote and walnuts…


…served in an adorable Weck jar.



I thought it was just aight. The chia pudding that I made at home (recipe here) was better.


Definitely prefer their chia muffin.


A dream came true later that day – Sam was playing QuizUp (which Abe and I are addicted to) and look who showed up on the screen.


Uh, that’s me. I’M A WRONG ANSWER! My 15 seconds of fame.

5 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

  1. Emily

    I always contemplate ordering that at Le Pain…now I know I don’t have to! I’ll stick with their baked goods. (:

    I can’t wait for your chia recipe!

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