Taiwan is Fun

Abe and I were hoping to make it to Taiwan this past Christmas, but we stayed in LA instead. We DID live vicariously, though, via our friends Emily and Alex’s Instagram…


…they brought treats home for us too!


I always loved Pineapple Cake growing up…


…it’s a bit dry, so Emily recommended heating them in the microwave. I recommend NOT nuking it for more than 30 seconds. That baby burned! (What’s up with me and fire lately?!?)


Also super excited to see peanut candy…


…I kept trying to remove this inner wrapper, until I remembered YOU CAN EAT IT.


Yay, Taiwan. Hopefully I’ll make it there in person soon.



One thought on “Taiwan is Fun

  1. Emily

    They only need like 6 seconds in the microwave! 🙂 ps. I used to be OBSESSED with edible rice paper outside that peanut candy. Always loved it until the time I accidentally got a mouthful of plastic.

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