Stuffed Chocolate

Even though Christmas is over, the stockings are still getting stuffed…


…and so are the chocolates!


Lindt sent a few from their Hello My Name Is line, plus A POUND OF PEANUT BUTTER TRUFFLES. You guys didn’t “know” me when I used to make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or cut out sugar. I am so glad I don’t make promises I can’t keep any longer. I love that I can live in a house with a huge bag of chocolate and not want to wire my jaw shut.


Not that that means I’m going to eat ALL those balls in one sitting, mind you. In fact, I haven’t even unwrapped one yet – I know they’ll still be there when I actually want one! Instead, I bake and share with others.




My go-to-no-fail recipe is Keep It Sweet’s One Pot Blondies.


They don’t look too different once baked…


…you can still read the sweet messages on the Cookies and Cream!


Leave in the pan on a wire rack for an hour, then remove the foil sling and cool another 60 minutes before slicing.


I, however, brought it over uncut to Mark/Jen’s in a saved box from my last Keep It Sweet delivery


…look how perfectly it fit!


(Tasted pretty great too.)



  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    Yay! I love those new Lindt bars, what a great idea to add them to the blondies. :-)

  • ATasteOfMadness

    Lindt chocolate is one of my favorite chocolate :) I think I would add them to baked goods too 😉

  • Lez

    Looks fabulous! What a great way to share sweets with friends and family: Bake ’em all! 😀