You Want Fries With That App?

Oh, how I love a good App – Veggie Grill now rewards you for eating at their restaurants (which I already do) and spreading the word (my referral code is 5wggw)!


We went last night before going to see the wonderful new Coen Brothers movie at The Arclight


…Abe got a soup/roasted veggies…


…and I ordered Yukon Gold Fries, off their new winter menu.



The veggies were not roasted enough – kinda soggy and bland…


…but the fries were so good I got another bunch for lunch today!



4 thoughts on “You Want Fries With That App?

  1. Emily

    Just got home from having dinner there with one of my girlfriends! I tried the new Harvest Bowl and was really impressed- the flavors were perfect! It had the roasted veggies in it and I actually liked that they were soft since they were saturated in gravy…I don’t think I’d enjoy them much on their own though!

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