To Go!

The Disneyland video we shot last week is up on BuzzFeed now!

I found myself in The Valley Monday afternoon and drove by a Togo’s. They sent me a gift card recently, so I parked and ordered.


Got a 1/2 sandwich, 1/2 salad deal…


…the Toasted Roast Beef Dip…


…with dunking juice – I asked for it without cheese or mayo.


Saved the Farmers Market Salad (which came with croutons and feta) for dinner…


…eaten after a quick visit to see Anna and David at Christy’s.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.00.35 PM


Pumpkin Pie Blondie + Frozen Grapes before bed.


I’ll be leaving for Boston brrrrrright n early. See you there!

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  • Gail Flackett

    I have never been to Disneyland, but, you made a great advertisement, and I’d really like to go there. Please be my guide.

  • Purelytwins

    love Disney 😉

    loved the video

  • Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    I LOVE that video, you are so cute!

  • Akaleistar

    Great video! So many things I didn’t know :)

  • Emily

    You are SO cute! Now I wanna go to Disneyland!

  • Sarah

    Great video here from @MsLynnChen! Love the “inside tips”…can’t wait for a video to come out about inside tips on LA restaurants! “Off-menu” items anyone??

  • Florence (@SquigglemeFloey)

    Loved your video!
    You guys can be an internet power couple :)

  • Courtney

    Nicely done vid!