ToGo’s Sandwiches

ToGo’s  – yet another sandwich chain.

I found myself in The Valley Monday afternoon and drove by a Togo’s in Burbank.  I have never been to one of these fast, casual sandwich shops before.  They’re a lot like Subways/Quiznos/etc.  They sent me a gift card recently, so I finally parked and ordered.


Got a half sandwich, half salad deal, with comes with a soda.


This is the Toasted Roast Beef Dip, which comes hot…


…with a side of dunking juice.  I actually asked for it without cheese or mayo.  The food is nothing incredible.  But really, what are we expecting here?  I still prefer Subway’s sandwiches.


I’m saving the Farmers Market Salad (which came with croutons and feta) for dinner.  It actually looks pretty fresh – I appreciate a fast food salad that isn’t just humongous chunks of lettuce and tomato.


First, a quick visit to see Anna and David at Christy’s.  It’s so rare that we are all able to get together these days.  We have got to grab these opportunities when we can!

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.00.35 PM

I’ll be leaving for Boston bright and early. See you there!  Also, the BuzzFeed Disneyland Video is finally out – I hope you all like watching it as much as Abe and I enjoyed filming it.

Video: Disneyland Secrets Everyone Should Know


8 thoughts on “ToGo’s Sandwiches

  1. Gail Flackett

    I have never been to Disneyland, but, you made a great advertisement, and I’d really like to go there. Please be my guide.

  2. Sarah

    Great video here from @MsLynnChen! Love the “inside tips”…can’t wait for a video to come out about inside tips on LA restaurants! “Off-menu” items anyone??

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