The Model’s Diet

I’ve got a photo shoot today. Since I was five I’ve been paid to sing, dance, announce, narrate, and act. But this is my first time as a professional poser.


As you can see, when I was a teenager I had very high aspirations to model. I blame Cindy Crawford.


No jokes about models and their food! Models are people, too.


Last night I had bowls of strawberries, grapes, and popcorn (while watching Melancholia)…


…plus a little Fried Chicken encased in chocolate.


Did you know MTV has released its entire House of Style digital archive??? I’ll never forget Bjork’s blanket dress, or Todd Oldham making a shirt with beets (<—pretty sure that’s how I found out they didn’t just come from a can).


6 thoughts on “The Model’s Diet

  1. April

    I love House of Style! I remember Todd making potato prints on pillow cases and that was where I learned that when looking at fashion on a runway, look at the individual pieces as well as the over all look. It was the essence of 90’s fashion.

  2. mandy

    What did you think of Melancholia? I watched it in the middle of the night when I was sick. I thought I’d watch five minutes and get bored, instead I was riveted and by the end was bawling. I still think about it all the time and want to watch it with my husband but fear the “magic” will be gone. Curious what you thought!

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