Disneyland Secrets Video for BuzzFeed

Behind-the-scenes of filming our Disneyland Secrets Video for BuzzFeed.

Abe and I have been meaning to film something for BuzzFeed about Disney for a while, but we’ve both been too busy to drive all the way to Anaheim and shoot it.  Today is our lucky day!  We are making a Disneyland Secrets video with my two park-hopper tickets that I happen to have.




You’ll be able to see all our secret Disney adventures once he edits/uploads it.  We got to pilot the steamboat, which is probably the most exciting part…


…in the meantime, I can share with you one of our tips – the best food at Disney (much like in real life) can be found in New Orleans.


Vegan Gumbo. It’s huge! We split the entire order, including the yummy sourdough bread bowl.


We are turning back into pumpkins before the sun sets on beautiful Main Street.  As you can see all the Christmas decorations are up, so it’s extra magical.


Speaking of pumpkins, I can’t believe I met Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother!  She called Abe “My Prince Charming” of course.


For more Disney posts with me and Abe, you can revisit our last trip to Anaheim, or our Disneyworld Vacation!

Video: Disneyland Secrets Everyone Should Know for BuzzFeed


6 thoughts on “Disneyland Secrets Video for BuzzFeed

  1. Goretti. Tada

    That gumbo is delicious! One of the few vegan options at Disneyland. You didn’t stay for the Christmas parade or fireworks show? Too magical. Also, the light show at ITS A SMALL WORLD is amazing! We were just there last Saturday and plan on returning tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.

  2. Florence (@SquigglemeFloey)

    my favorite is the clam chowder bread bowl! always have that when I go there. Have you tried that one?
    Damn i miss disneyland!!!

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