Potatoes My Sweet

Move over, melons. Here’s my newest obsession…


…sweet potatoes! Bought a bag from Trader Joe’s yesterday and can’t stop eating them.


One for breakfast this morning, topped with cottage cheese…


…and another in a salad (identical to Monday’s).





10 thoughts on “Potatoes My Sweet

  1. Sanna

    Do you bake, or use the microwave to cook the sweet potatoes?

    (I’m currently obsessed, as well. I *ALSO* bought the trader joe’s bag of sweet potatoes. I’m really into using the crock pot to cool them. Slower… but SOO tasty and worth it!)

    1. Cortney

      I second the crockpot method. My 2 year old and I fly through them, so I just stack a bunch in the crock pot and then reheat them when I need. Hardly any mess and I don’t have to keep an eye on them!

  2. miriam

    Currently, my “melon” is persimmons – I’ve been trying to limit myself to one per day, but this was the first year in my life that I’ve ever had them and now…I can’t stop!

  3. Cindy

    I roast them in the toaster over. Peel comes right off. Sometimes I eat them straight up, and others I will season, and/or make mash potatoes (i.e. cream, butter, cheese).


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