Podcast 21 – Listener Feedback


In Episode 21 of The Actor’s Diet Podcast, it’s all about you.

I answer a question about Stella Barra’s Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Cookies


…get advice on how to order perfect fries at In-N-Out, and talk to Romina – the winner of my Del Real Foods Giveaway.  Download the episode on iTunes or listen on Stitcher.  And keep those emails coming – love hearing from y’all!

  • Thuy

    Hi Lynn! Its pronounced like (Twee) Can’t wait for you to try it! Let me know how you like it :)

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Thanks, Thuy/Twee!!!

  • kate

    Hi Lynn (yes–Pretty!)
    I was so surprised to hear you addressing my cookie query on the podcast!
    Thank you for sacrificing in the name of research and tasting said cookie. I agree that the krispie treat element should be distributed throughout…that’s what I was imagining in my mind’s palate.
    I will report back on my experimentation. Thanks for the heads-up about adding extra butter.
    Cookies cookies cookies!!!


    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet