Podcast 21 – Rice Krispie Cookies

Listener Feedback Podcast Episode!  We talk about these Rice Krispie Cookies, too.

In Episode 21 of The Actor’s Diet Podcast, it’s all about you, my beloved listeners!  And also these Rice Krispie Cookies from Stella Barra.  Aren’t they a dream to look at?  Even more incredible to eat, I promise you.

I also get advice on how to order perfect fries at In-N-Out, and talk to Romina.  She is the winner of my Del Real Foods Giveaway.  You can download the episode on iTunes or listen on Stitcher.  And keep those emails coming – love hearing from y’all!


4 thoughts on “Podcast 21 – Rice Krispie Cookies

  1. kate

    Hi Lynn (yes–Pretty!)
    I was so surprised to hear you addressing my cookie query on the podcast!
    Thank you for sacrificing in the name of research and tasting said cookie. I agree that the krispie treat element should be distributed throughout…that’s what I was imagining in my mind’s palate.
    I will report back on my experimentation. Thanks for the heads-up about adding extra butter.
    Cookies cookies cookies!!!


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