Stella Barra Cookie – A Rice Krispie Mashup

Stella Barra Cookie – Rice Krispie Treats in a Chocolate Chip Cookie!

We are having dinner at Stella Barra with new friends Joshua and Kate. I ask Chef Jeff Mahin to put aside a Stella Barra Cookie, so I can review it in a future podcast – as requested by a listener (also named Kate)!  It is a Rice Krispie Chocolate Chip Cookie – and it is insane.  Sorry the lighting isn’t the greatest.

chocolate, rice krispie Stella Barra, Chocolate, marshmallow

We are eating that, plus 1/4 of a regular rice krispie – which is extra buttery.  Plus, some Salted Caramel Pudding.  I have to admit that I don’t normally love dessert options at Italian places (except for gelato) but the sweet selections at Stella Barra are no joke.


We eat dinner too by the way – a cheese-less, vegetarian pizza.  Which I guess makes it vegan?




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  1. miriam

    How awesome are the coconut cashews?! I “encouraged” one of the TJs employees here to let me sample 🙂

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