Nick at Nite

Having a teeny tiny case of the PVB’s

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 3.05.27 PM

…since leaving Palm Springs I’ve had very little appetite…those quinoa pancakes, an entire melon, miso soup, a banana…


…and a piece of leftover Halloween Candy. Brought the rest of the bag to share with my Monday Acting Class.


By the way, I’m almost finished with the six-week Fall Workshop and couldn’t recommend it more. For an out-of-shape actor like myself, it’s like therapy and gym. Plus, my teacher Nick (photo by another Nick from class)…

Nick Hoffa-117_small.jpg

…looks exactly like Michael from Grand Theft Auto 5 (<—totally obsessed with it).


P.S. Two announcements – there’s an Online Telethon tonight by my friends over at National Film Society to raise money for Philippines Typhoon Relief. And, there’s a 1/2 off Flash Sale for the Embody Awards that Lisa and I are being honored at in San Francisco.


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