The Dark Crystal

I’m on a Tram!


The ride/view up would probably be a lot cooler during the day, but it was still fun.


By the time we came back down it was already 8:30pm and restaurants were closing. We were the last customers to place our orders at Palm Greens Cafe.


I got the Salad Sampler Plate – mixed greens, carrots, beets, tomato, cucumber, potato salad, seaweed salad, quinoa tabouli…


…yam salad, seed ‘n nut salad, tofu salad, hummus, 2 crackers, and Vegan Ranch.


Traded bites with Abe’s Grilled Tempeh Reuben + vegan cheese and Russian dressing.


Hit the spot. This place reminded me of Green Temple and Cafe Gratitude, but not as fancy. I love that they played a movie about turtles…


…and placed a crystal on our check.


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4 thoughts on “The Dark Crystal

  1. Greg

    Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed your meal. Truly appreciate your kind words, they always encourage us to do better. We are only as good as our last meal served. Namaste, Greg & Jeff, Directors of Opportunity, Palm Greens Cafe

  2. Lisa

    I have fond memories of the aerial tram in Palm Springs. My parents took me as a child during the winter and it is absolutely breathtaking! Please go again when there is now – it’s a winter wonderland in Southern CA. 🙂

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