Islands in the Stream

The fridge was empty Saturday morning. I noshed on frozen grapes with miso soup before heading out to restock on groceries.


As the sun was setting, we headed over to the Westside to pick up Islands. Abe and I have been taking our cousins here since they were little. Now they’re not itty bitty, but when we were invited in for a meal, I knew exactly who to bring!


Ah, vacation.



We began with a plate of perfectly cooked fresh cut cheddar fries with scallions on top…


…I enjoyed two platefuls before the food arrived.


This restaurant chain is known for their burgers – Maya had a “Big Wave” with beef, Abe got “The Longboarder” on a veggie patty.




I ordered a salad – the “Kaanapali Kobb” without bacon or blue cheese…


…sprinkled additional “Secret Seasoning” on top – a blend of onion/garlic/salt + pepper.






We were all too full for dessert – walked off those amazing fries on Captain Phillips (which was also really good). Feels like we’re back on the Mainland this morning!

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4 thoughts on “Islands in the Stream

  1. Emily

    Another restaurant that they’re getting ready to open in Sherman Oaks- ironically, right next door to the new Mendocino Farms! I’m so excited that they’re finally bringing all of these places to the Valley…and I can’t wait to try those cheese fries!

  2. Kevin B

    When I use to live in San Diego, a group of us would meet once at month at Islands!
    Normally, I would get the Big Wave with cheese, no onions. But the fish tacos are good too.
    Thankfully where I live now,,we have 1 Islands! 🙂

  3. Floey

    i loved going there in high school, but after going to hawaii last year it wouldn’t feel the same 😛

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