Accepting Awesome Eternal

I’ve been eating at Cafe Gratitude a lot lately…


…Tuesday we met up with Angela and her husband Ferd. I ordered the evening special – “I Am Accepting” – a Japanese bowl with avocado, brown rice/quinoa, sea veggies, cucumber, and kale.


Traded bites with Abe’s “I Am Awesome” – eggplant parm with cashew ricotta.


To drink, we split some of Angela’s “I am Eternal” – a chocolate ice cream milkshake…


…followed by more sweets – a raw pumpkin pie…


…with a pecan date crust…


…and German Chocolate Cake.


Cafe Gratitude gets mentioned by Jack Black in the latest episode of Zach’s podcast.  Been seeing a lot of celebs here, including Juliette Lewis and Kiernan Shipka.


4 thoughts on “Accepting Awesome Eternal

  1. Tamara

    Your posts about Cafe Gratitude never cease to make me want to go to there. Plus today you said two magic words: Jack Black!!!!! xo

  2. Pure Ella

    What a great place and the food! Wow!! 😉
    Thanks so much for coming by Pure Ella…. I love your blog and can’t wait to check out more! 😉
    xo ella

  3. Emily

    I love Cafe Gratitude so much- your bowl looks awesome! That’s another restaurant that I’m praying will come to the valley in the near future! We finally got a Mendocino Farms (in Sherman Oaks), plus Lemonade and Joan’s on Third are both coming to Studio City soon!

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