My Date with Ryan Gosling at Tagine

…OKAY, not exactly. But he IS co-owner of Tagine in Beverly Hills, where I was invited last night.  So, technically, Ryan Gosling asked me to dinner.


My REAL date – Brenda! She’s camera shy…


…but the food isn’t! Stunning presentation on every single dish, starting with the amuse bouche – goat cheese with dates, phyllo-wrapped veggie cigars, and an asparagus zucchini soup.


We both got the Tasting – divided into 4 courses, rather than 6 – since I didn’t want to roll home.


Moroccan Mezze…


…with homemade hummus (Chef Ben’s mother’s recipe)…


…olives and sauteed eggplant…


…Tartar of Tomato and Cucumber with lemon sorbet and berries, and an orange/carrot dish.


Next up – Bastilla – a light layer of phyllo with Cornish Hen, scrambled eggs, saffron, and powdered sugar and some Black Tiger Shrimp, Lamb Chops, and Sea Bass.  I didn’t take pictures because it was so dark in there.

For the most part, I stuck to half portions/single bites of everything, aside from the amuse bouche/shrimp dishes. Finished all of those, and dessert too.  They served CHOCOLATE SOUP!!! Served hot on top of vanilla ice cream, with little baklava on the side.


Ryan never showed up, but it was still a sexy night.



5 thoughts on “My Date with Ryan Gosling at Tagine

  1. Alice @ Nom Nom Cat

    Oh I LOVE Tagine — you’re right, the hummus is incredible!!! M took me here for Valentine’s Day. We didn’t get to see Ryan Gosling either (although presumably he had his own V-Day plans… dunno what his excuse was during your date :P).

  2. miriam

    This looks like an incredibly swank version of what I eat in Astoria on a regular basis. Sans Mr. Gosling, alas.

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