Mother Moo

Happy National Coming Out Day!!! I have the perfect movie for you to watch and celebrate…

…my Saving Face girlfriend actually texted me while I was scarfing down this complimentary SunButter Crunch bar



…she asked if I wanted to accompany her to Mother Moo.


This is my second time blogging about this ice cream place, and not eating anything! I’ve got a media tasting dinner tonight, so I resisted, despite all of the amazingness…




Michelle, however, did not curb her cravings…


…and here’s why!!!!!


Obviously, I’ve known she’s been expecting for the last few months (I did just attend her baby shower, too) but she finally gave me the go-ahead to announce it publicly…


…no actual baby for me, but melons make GREAT bellies if anyone’s looking for a Halloween costume.


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5 thoughts on “Mother Moo

  1. sharon

    Wow congratulations to michelle!! And you two are my favorite on screen couple 🙂
    Happy Friday to you Lynn!

  2. Elizabeth

    Lynn, you were amazing in Saving Face! I haven’t watched it until recently when I had a movie-at-home-date with my guy. So glad he picked it!

    And Mother Moo has fantastic ice creams! I always had a hard time choosing just 1 flavor when I went there.

  3. Agnes

    I love your movie Saving Face, you did great!
    Seriously you are more attractive now than you were in “Saving Face”.
    btw, congratulations to michelle!

  4. cecil

    Nice baby bump shot. Congrats to Michelle! Saving Face is one of my all time favorite movies.

    … now, I’m craving for some ice cream and cookies. =P

  5. Shell lewis

    I love “Saving Face” and congratulations to Michelle…cute baby bump photos! I am not that far from there so I will definitely have to go!! Thanks for the recommendation!!!

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