Fiona Apple (and Strawberries)

We got a 3-pack of strawberries at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday; I ate a bunch with a spoonful of Ben and Jerry’s Banana PB Greek FroYo


(my friend Nadine wrote this article in LA Yoga Magazine!)


…and a few more with a Raisin Cookie made by our cousin Mark.


There was also savory stuff, that didn’t involve red berries – Spinach, Turkey, Brother’s Products Sundried Tomato Garlic Spread (also from the Farmer’s Market) and Smoked Sea Salt.


We then headed out to see Fiona Apple  at Walt Disney Concert Hall


…an intimate concert with Blake Mills, AND she played my favorite song.


P.S. A great place to sit if you’re having back problems is right by the organ – I got to stand pretty much the entire time without obstructing anyone’s view!


3 thoughts on “Fiona Apple (and Strawberries)

  1. Vegyogini

    I kinda wish I’d gone to the show, too. Contemplated getting a last-minute ticket. I love “I Know,” but my favorite is “Never is a Promise.”

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