Nice Penguins Crew

I have Felita to thank for these pix from last night’s Nice Girls Crew Season 2 Screening…


…I did capture the food part, though.


An early dinner with the cast/crew at Westside Tavern – I ate a chopped salad with chicken, pecans, avocado, and tomato…


…then, post-screening Abe and I stopped by Penguin’s for FroYo and shared this small (but NOT small) cup of Peanut Butter…


…and Shirt-matching-strawberry.


My boo and I actually have another screening in NYC tonight that we obviously won’t make it for – the BK Nation event featuring our short Via Text!

Penguin's Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

  • Cindy

    I think it’s time Boo and You collaborate on a new short film. Being greedy and wanting more. :)

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Thanks Cindy!!!

  • Lindsey, the vegan who doesn’t want to make it complicated

    Aww, gotta love it when a man’s shirt matches his froyo. Looks like fun, congratulations on Nice Girls Crew 2!

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Thank you!!!

  • Floey

    I like penguins but Goldenspoon is my fav!

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      I’ve never heard of it!!!