Umami Los Feliz

We went to see Enough Said yesterday. LOVED.

I munched on a few handfuls of popcorn at The Arclight


…and a big apple on the ride back home.


Later in the evening, Abe and I went out…


…my camera couldn’t capture the sign, but this is Umami Burger. My beloved. It’s been far too long.


Our first time at the Los Feliz location – an old Chinese restaurant…



…my back meds have been giving me heartburn, so I ordered a salad with chicken…


…though I couldn’t resist an onion ring dipped in Umami Ketchup.


Abe DID get a burger – they were outa the Earth one, so he just had a Portobello patty. Old Skool. It’s been fun to watch the menu expand and grow from when they first started, to the empire they are today.


Our server, Jack (terrific, thoughtful, friendly) brought over a larger platter since my salad was spilling over.


Back home, a few frozen grapes + pumpkin M&M’s.


Nice Girls Crew Season 2 screening tonight! Here’s all of Season 1 to prepare. Hope to see you there.

P.S. Happy Birthday Eboni!!!

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  1. Sues

    Glad to hear you liked the movie! I’ve been laughing at the previews. Totally craving popcorn now, too (plus, I NEED to get those M&Ms!).

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