Before Sunset

Going to be sad when it starts getting dark early.


These were the remnants from the Greek Chicken-free Salad – no more “chicken,” obviously – but cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta, olives…


…and parsley.


I didn’t season it right away, since we weren’t eating for a while and I didn’t want it to get too liquid-y. But I did make the dressing, with this Cherry Balsamic Vinegar


…a little bit of olive oil, mustard, and Smoked Sea Salt.


After an Epsom Salt soak (so helpful for back aches!) I mixed them all together; divided the meal…


…and the Rita’s Pretzel too.



So delicious. So simple. So was this dessert.



When the sun went down, we went out, restocked our freezer, and refilled our bowls.


May make it my mission to go through the entire Ben and Jerry’s Greek collection.



6 thoughts on “Before Sunset

  1. Courtney

    I’ll be sad too when it gets darker earlier. That salad (with and without “chicken”) looks delicious! By the way, have you tried the banana with PB swirls Ben & Jerry’s frozen Greek yo flavor?

    1. Courtney

      Never mind- just saw your old post regarding the banana flavor. If you haven’t tried Liz Lemon, I highly recommend it. (I can’t remember if you’re the one who mentioned it in the first place). =]

  2. Cindy

    Once the acute phase of your back settles down, schedule a massage to work out the cramped and sore muscles. Sounds like you are doing a bit better.

    I actually like it when it starts to get dark earlier…maybe I’m really a vampire. Who knows?

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