Cafe Mangosix

Cafe Mangosix is a Korean chain whose first US location just opened in Los Angeles, on 3rd Street near the Beverly Center.





Fellow actor Mike treated me and Phil to lunch. They both got special mango beverages


…I had mine in yogurt form. Sampled this, plus the Strawberry Chocolate/Blueberry flavors…


…wound up filling a small cup with Vanilla/Tart twist…


…topped with all kinds of berries.



Phil ordered one of their sandwiches – a Pesto Chicken Panini with sun dried tomato…


…I got an Asian Salad for later.


(Mango, of course.)


Also on their menu – lots of desserts, including baked goods, shaved ice…


…and snacks – including my beloved Ginger Chews!


Merch for sale too, though I think the fruit is just display.

DSCN2652 DSCN2654


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  1. K

    Hey Lynn! I just felt compelled to share that I am enjoying a butterscotch Tastykake with some peppermint tea right now. It made me think of you ( good gosh, is there any non-creepy way to write that?) Anyways, my parents brought them back over to Cali after visiting family in Pennsylvania and N. J. this past week. I haven’t eaten one since I was about ten and I’m really more of a homemade treat person, however, it’s more symbolic than anything. Three years ago, the last time my parents brought some back from a trip back east, I was deeply into my e.d. and wouldn’t even cast a glance at the box. I found your blog soon after that Lynn, and you have helped set such a great example of how to just live and feel, and eat! I would consider myself pretty much done with it (e.d.) finally! I remember reading your blog and wondering how, how is it supposed to get better? It does though. It truly does. I started to write more, but stopped myself, no need for a book! Just thought I would share the joy of innate self-trust that I have been able to cultivate, very much so, by following your example. Also, I must say Tastykakes are still are pretty darn tasty. 🙂


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