Good Ol’ Freda

We went to see Good Ol’ Freda yesterday…


…my first time getting carded at The Sundance Theater!


Apparently this is why.


Abe did not have any booze, but he did have this tiny popcorn.


I had neither, just Miss America (<—click to read my Thick Dumpling Skin post).


Speaking of movie theaters, I’m excited that Nice Girls Crew will be playing at one of my favorites, The Landmark, on September 26th. This will be a screening of the 2nd Season; you can watch the entire first one online for free now. Hope to see you there!



4 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Freda

  1. Lindsey the little vegan who could

    I only caught the tail end of the pageant, but I was so appalled at the interview questions at the end! Is the most we can ask of our miss America contestants “what do you think of Miley Cyrus’s twerking?” Ha, I guess we already learned not to ask anything involving maps 😉

  2. Tamara

    Thanks for this post and the one you wrote on TDS, Lynn. I’ll admit I got quite choked up while reading those racist tweets. It’s appalling to me that there are so many people with those kinds of backward, misinformed, and outwardly hateful feelings — and that they have no qualms in sharing them in public venues as if it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to feel that way.

    I always strive (with varying degrees of success) to look for the good in people, individually and collectively. It sure can be difficult sometimes, such as when reading those tweets. I really struggle to reconcile my belief that there is good in each one of us — and my goal to look for it in every heart, even those that seem darkest — when faced with such cold-hearted and almost willfully ignorant sentiments. I know those people are parroting what they’ve learned from others and that they may be suffering from their own injustices; I also imagine that most of them probably have good influences on, and interactions with, *some* people in their lives. I certainly hope they do.

    I take solace in telling myself (and praying I’m right) that people who hate and misunderstand and lash out are part of a dwindling minority and that more and more people every day are moving in the direction of love, acceptance, kindness toward every single one of our fellow souls on this planet. <3

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