Podcast 12 – Janet Varney (JV Podcast)

Podcast Interview with actress Janet Varney, who hosts The JV Podcast.

Episode 12 of The Actor’s Diet Podcast is a podcast host herself, Janet Varney!  I appeared on her show, The JV Club, back in March.  We talked all about growing up in Cresskill, NJ and try to figure out how to pronounce the word “nougat.”  How DO you pronounce it?


Here’s the amazing Pinterest page of our show…

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Janet has returned the favor by sitting down with me for some real talk.  We discuss her Gluten-Free diet, body image, and also, eating disorders in Hollywood.  You can download the episode on iTunes!


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  1. PJ

    The best “pain au chocolat” is made in places where they call it “chocolatine”… which I guess is moot if you’re gluten intolerant.

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