Podcast 10 – Evan Kleiman (KCRW Pie Contest)

Podcast interview with Evan Kleiman about the upcoming KCRW Pie Contest.

I am lucky enough to get Evan Kleiman (or as I now call her, Evan “Pieman”) on the phone to talk about the upcoming KCRW Pie Contest for The Actor’s Diet Podcast.  For those of you who don’t know, the Pie Contest is an annual event, open to the public to participate.  A panel of professional experts from the culinary industry judges the entries and crowns the winners.  I have actually never gone but I’ve seen photos.  If you can imagine heaven it is a bunch of perfectly baked pies in a row.

Remember this chicken pot pie she made?  It still haunts my dreams.  That perfect crust and warm, savory filling.

Evan provides a discount for “The Art of the Pie Crust” online class we discuss in the episode.  She’s the greatest!KCRW, Good Food, Pie Contest

I also answer a reader question about blogs and $$$.  Special thanks to Goh Nakamura for providing the music (from our movie Surrogate Valentine).  Subscribe on iTunes to listen to the episode, and future ones as well.


3 thoughts on “Podcast 10 – Evan Kleiman (KCRW Pie Contest)

  1. Lindsay

    Lynn, this was wonderful! I was washing dishes late at night here in Hawaii and growing VERY hungry over pie-talk;) I was also very appreciative for how you answered my question. I feel so honored that you took the time, thank you very much. I have gone forth and am in the middle of making “the big move” and since deciding, have not felt the least bit of regret. It is an exciting new chapter!
    As a fellow artist (mainly dance, now teaching dance) I understood exactly what you were saying about adjusting your mindset for “passion projects”. My blog is one of those places where I just get to release creative energy my own way. It deserves to look like the dream I have of it!

    My looong drawn out comment is basically…THANKS! Once it is up and running, I’ll be sure to let you know!!

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