Vegg-ed Out

Back in May, I was sent two samples of The Vegg – the world’s first vegan egg yolk…


…as you can see, it lasts forever, which is why I waited so long to use it.


Last night, I decided to experiment. These Black Rice Tortillas got pretty dry/crackly so I tore all six of them into pieces…


blenteced up The Vegg package with 4 cups of water (as instructed)…


…sprinkled on some Green Tea Sea Salt and TJ’s Vegan Mozzarella


…and baked….and baked…


…and baked. But they were too runny, even after an hour…even though they didn’t look too bad.


Then, things got ugly.


REAL UGLY. I put them in the skillet to scramble them up, and they turned into shit.  THEY LITERALLY LOOKED LIKE DOG POO – and they didn’t taste good, either. I had one bite and threw the rest out. As you longtime readers know, I never do this.  (I mean, I’m the girl who came up with “MeatCake Balls.”)


Wound up having the Del Real Salsa + Avocado Aioli with a couple snacks – Tomato Basil Lentil Snaps, TJ’s Sweet Potato Tortillas, and Sprouts Veggie Chips.




…followed by another risky experiment – basically, my Yogurt Balls Recipe, thrown into a Popsicle Mold.  Luckily, those turned out okay.  Not great – but edible.


Also had the apple off my father’s altar.


Not a good night of eats. I can still taste that “yolk” in my mouth!!! I’m surprised I despised it so much, because The Vegg has gotten a TON of amazing press – maybe I needed to try another actual, tested recipe.  But I am now so turned off by the experience that I’m going to throw out the other packet – unless one of you want to give it a shot…


15 thoughts on “Vegg-ed Out

  1. Lez

    Oh dear, that didn’t look appetizing. I don’t like to throw out food, too. I’m all for eating vegan and being more mindful, but after your experiment, I think I’ll pass on the vegan egg yolks. If I were to eat vegan food, I’d just avoid anything “veganized” and just stick with vegetables. Though, I don’t mind eating “fish” that was completely made out of taro.

  2. Brigid

    I would take it off your hands! I’ve read such good things, too, and would love to try for myself. Bad food nights are so sad.

  3. cg

    Have you ever read this blog? You might find it pretty entertaining. The failed Vegg experiment made me think of it. She’s pretty funny, uses profanity though, so if that turns you off you might not want to read.

  4. Kerry

    I think the vegg mixture actually has to be mixed with tofu to make something egg-like unless you are using it in a recipe for a baked good that calls for egg yolks (like challah). I’ve tried it mixed with tofu and thought it was good.

  5. Amanda

    Oh no! I agree with Kerry – I haven’t tried the Vegg, but when I’ve used egg subs in the past in works great when baking, etc, but not as “eggs”. I wonder if these would work with what you tried if you had added some flour/milk/etc to them (sort of like you would treat a quiche)? Your fails are so few!

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