Chenwald Catering

Dinner for 17 people is hard work – pretty much took the whole entire day!


In between tasting the food we were cooking, I also nibbled on an Almond Cookie from Tahoe House Bakery.


We managed to prep her recipe a little by adding more bread crumbs as needed, and subbed the parsley for cilantro, salted walnuts/almonds for the pecans, and edamame for the corn…


…the latter I added to the Quinoa/Fig Salad – piled on top of a bed of greens that were tossed in vinaigrette.



The sliders were smeared with the Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls…


…with tomato on the side, since they kept sliding off (ha ha).


I prepped Giada De Laurentiis’ Fish Stew early as well, up to the point where you add the cod. 10 minutes before we were ready to eat, I reheated the stew and added it to the pot.


This was my first time making fish, ever and it turned out perfect! Replaced the white wine with red, since that’s what was in the house, and used Citrus Basil Seasoning in lieu of Red Pepper Flakes, so there would be no heat/spice issues.


Actually pretty proud of this meal – Abe and I make a great cooking duo!



Added a couple Wickles to my burger too. Love eating and saying them.


Dessert time…


…I had one of both brownie versions.


Forgot to put out the strawberries we had bought – a bowl became a pre-bedtime movie theater snack…


….yes, there’s an actual screening room in this wonderful, wonderful house – just like in MTV Cribs!


7 thoughts on “Chenwald Catering

  1. Jan

    that dinner is looking scrumptious! Are you in the North Shore? It is so beautiful there!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!

  2. sribhuvaneshwaricaterers

    Thank you for a job well done. Everything was so exquisite!
    No one provides better, more beautiful food and service than you. You come in quietly and efficiently to my kitchen and produce the best offerings

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