Podcast 6 – Tzi Ma

Podcast interview with Tzi Ma and Disney Theme Park Giveaway!

Live, from the set of Sutures, the latest episode of The Actor’s Diet podcast, which I recorded between takes on my iPhone!  You definitely don’t want to miss this one – not only is Tzi Ma one of the most seasoned, interesting, and inspiring actors I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, THERE’S A GIVEAWAY TO DISNEYLAND.  Yes, two tickets to Disneyland.

Asian Actors Tzi Ma and Lynn Chen

Do I need to say it again?  FREE TICKETS TO DISNEYLAND.  All you have to do is write a review on iTunes (hopefully a nice one).  Then, leave a comment here telling me what name you did it under.  If you already have, you’re eligible too!  Special thanks to my Nice Girls Crew producer Brenda (a Disney employee) for making this possible!


23 thoughts on “Podcast 6 – Tzi Ma

  1. Lez

    Lynn, I grew up in Little Italy (28 years!) so I can help out with confirming the places Tzi Ma was referring to in my neighborhood.

    1) Benito’s II has actually closed down and is now replaced with some strange pizza joint. Benito’s One is still opened though. It’s right on Mulberry Street between Grand and Broome.

    2) And that cheese place Tzi Ma is referring to is indeed, DiPalo’s. It’s on Grand Street between Mott and Mulberry. The family has opened up their own Wine store, too!

    And being Cantonese, I totally understand the obsession with soups! My grandma used to make soups all the time. She also made special soups for me when I had too much acne! Look for prunella tea drinks or chrysanthemum tea! Those are said to cool your body. 🙂

  2. Thuy

    Thanks for giving us an insight on what set food is like! I always wondered if it was always top notch. My review for your podcast on itunes is under the name ttmai. 🙂 Cars land here I come! Fingers crossed.

  3. jwendie

    Added a review on itunes and wishing you much success in this new endeavour. I am kind of grossed out that I have a craving for filet mignon after listening to Tzi Ma talk about chewing it up and spitting it out!

  4. cg

    Your podcasts are like the 3D version of your blog -3D being loosely defined, but what I mean is that it adds another cool dimension to the work you do. Thanks for starting it. I did write a review and rated your podcast under the name “Piet Builder”

  5. Miki

    This was the first time I have ever listened to a podcast all the way through. I have listened to parts of others, but I always found them kind of lacking. As though the host needed to know that there was an audience listening to them in order to justify their labor. I admit,. I wanted to hear the experiences of Tzi Ma, and I was fully prepared for the standard out of the can responses (Everything is always so good, etc etc etc). This was more down to earth that i was prepared for. It was like I was sitting at the table listening to a conversation. I got hungry as the food was described. I was horrified at the idea of tasteless Filet Mignon (how could they!) In short I loved this interview and have subscribed with the same name as my email. I hope my review on iTunes makes it through.

  6. Lindsaywriter

    Thanks for the Disney Land opp! I have written a review over at Itunes under the name lindsaywriter.

    Long time reader and now a listener!

  7. Lillian

    Oh, please get Tzi Ma to write a cookbook of those soup recipes! (My mum has tried to pass on the knowledge, but my poor Chinese comprehension along with my need for precise measurements and detailed instructions prevents me from learning anything of use.)

  8. Floey

    It’s so nice to put a voice to a name, because it makes things much more personal. Loved this podcast 🙂 Disneyland is magical.

  9. Kaity

    I love your blog and podcast episodes, Lynn. I wrote a review under the name “mk0n0” just now. Hope it makes it through!

  10. Samantha Paulin

    I’ve always been interested to hear about what kind of food is on movie and tv sets! I wrote a review on itunes under the name samanthalp. Love the podcast Lynn!

  11. alain

    just reviewed under alain w. LOVING your podcast, Lynn! I end each episode feeling really positive and comforted.

  12. Mariana

    Hi Lynn,
    loved this episode! Never put much thought into filming with food! Interesting!
    I left a review under the name “mgbernasconi” but it’s in the Austrian itunes so I am not sure if you can see it?
    My hubby and I will be in California in September and we are dying to go to Disneyland!

  13. Veechy1225

    I wrote a review under veechy1225. I’m enjoying the podcast, thanks for keeping it up!

  14. Lexxzee91

    Just posted a well-deserved review on iTunes! Great engaging conversation with Tzi and certainly an episode that hooked me in. I’ll be adding “The Actor’s Diet” to my current line-up of podcasts!

  15. Courtney

    Thanks for the entertaining and insightful podcast! I just submitted a review, but not sure if it’s showing up yet- it should be under my name (Courtney Hong).

  16. Diane

    I just left a review on the podcast….I think it’s under justpinchme or Diane Beebe…….does this satisfy the contest entry?

  17. Erin

    Loving the podcast, always looking forward to the next episode (similarly I always look forward to reading your next blogpost 🙂 ). I left a review under “erinhk”.

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