Get in My Pork Belly

This is a good sign.


Pork Belly’s Sandwich Shop just opened up on Abbot Kinney and I was invited to come by for a meal.



The space is small, but the menu looks right up my alley…


…and GOD do I love these soda machines.


There’s just one table outside, so I took my stuff on the road…


…fried food should be eaten pronto.


Along with half the heavenly fried pickles, I also demolished my share of the sweet potato tater tots…



…and made a special delivery to the Huffington Post Live Offices.


Abe was very grateful for his “Kinney Joe” – a veggie sloppy joe made with onions, peppers, and homemade tomato sauce on a brioche roll.



Vegans – tell them to hold the coleslaw; I ordered it on the side so I could try a bite…


…then went to town on my own sandwich – “The Chop” – Brisket with Homemade BBQ Sauce.


The meat is melt-in-your-mouth, thanks to 12 hours in their smoker.


My fellow New Jerseyite Jon (one of the owners) also hooked me up with a homemade chocolate chip cookie…


…I saved it for later, because a mini one comes tucked into each sandwich!


As we were nibbling away on dessert, I got a phone call from somebody saying they had found Julius outside the house. Turns out our landlady had been by, and he snuck out the front door when she left.


Needless to say, those 20 minutes spent going to get him back were freaky. He was fine, but Abe and I were in a tizzy for a while. I spent the rest of the evening being super mellow, eating melon + miso, and kissing his cute head (and little pork belly) a million times.

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2 thoughts on “Get in My Pork Belly

  1. Tamara

    Goodness, glad Julius is okay! Sounds scary.

    As for Pork Belly’s… want to go to there! The food all looks amazing, especially the sandwiches and the sweet potato tots (I still need to find those somewhere and try them).

    I love those soda (“pop” here in Michigan) machines! One of the few ways I can get my Caffeine Free Diet Coke fix from a fountain. They have those machines at our area’s Five Guys Burgers and Fries locations, which makes me even happier when I go there.

  2. Cindy

    Egads! Glad Julius got home safely. I had an Australian Shepherd years ago who like to wander. She would literally tiptoe to sneak off. It was hysterical. We got calls from all over the hood saying Roxanne was at their house.

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