Our Man in China

After two days of heavy tastings, I only want melons.  Already ate half a huge honeydew for breakfast, just cut into some cantaloupe, and am going over some new deliveries…


…one sent straight from the author herself!


Ming Liu’s debut novel, Our Man in China, was shortlisted for the 2011 Impress Prize for New Writers.


Excited to dig into that eventually, and also this…


…I’m already familiar with Tasty Bite’s ready-to-eat Indian Foods, but not their Asian-style noodles, so they sent both!


Abe sampled the Kung Pao bowl last night – and was surprised at how good it was, considering it took less than 2 minutes to “make.”



Speaking of Asian food and books, I just uploaded an audio sample of Crazy Rich Asians onto my official site – no talk of noodles, but there are some scones!

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