Back Asswards

Since Abe bikes to work daily, we are thinking it’s time to sell both our cars and become a single-auto household. So after a big melon breakfast, we headed out to Glendale and test drove some vehicles


…then stopped by Scoops.


Mint/Toffee sample, followed by an extra generous cup (thanks, Kevin!) of soy gelato flavors.


Bites were traded between sightings of our upstairs neighbor Adam and one of our favorite actors from one of our favorite shows.


Back home – leftover Zengo Brussels Sprouts



…then we headed out again…


…to Outfest! Haven’t been to this particular festival in years – forgot how fun it is. We came to see our friends Casey and June’s movie, Ass Backwards, which was fabulously funny – it’ll be released this fall by Gravitas Ventures <—who also did Surrogate Valentine!


Random-ass midnight snack…


Yogurt BallsHoney Mustard Pretzels, dates, and frozen berries.


3 thoughts on “Back Asswards

  1. Cindy

    If you buy a VW…very fun to drive…buy the extended warranty and plan to get rid of the car before that expires. They tend to have extensive maintenance requirements. That being said, I do miss driving my GTI even though we parted ways a year ago.

  2. Hippierunner

    Was it the Highland Park Scoops? That seems to be where Marc Maron takes WTF podcast guests…or so I’ve seen on twitter. But never in person, of course!

    I can’t wait to see that movie-those are funny ladies!

  3. Brigid

    We are a one-car household, and it has its challenges, but we save a lot of money that way. Good luck finding the right vehicle!

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