Keeping it Del Real

Can you tell how fast Julius‘ tail is wagging?!?


He was excited to get this delivery from Del Real Foods, and so was I!


Cheese and Green Chile Tamales


Red + Green Salsas…


Rice + Refried Beans




We suddenly had an excuse to have friends over. I had melon + miso as an afternoon snack, then went out and bought some stuff to bulk up the party in a box. Heirloom mini tomatoes dressed in olive oil, cider vinegar, salt, and pepper…


simple guacamole, chips, and lime wedges.


Even though everything is microwavable, I used the stovetop…


…served with some salmon that Adam + Star brought.



Two plates for me – everything was tasty! I especially dug the tamales.


(The salsa is pretty spicy!)


For dessert – frozen grapes, Lindt Dark with Sea Salt + the leftover Yogurt Jam “Pie.”


(I skipped the chocolate.)


Want a chance to get your own party in a box – and much more – for yourself? Del Real Foods originally offered to send me their meat products, but I knew those would just sit around in this household. If one of YOU is willing to talk about your carnivorous experience over the phone with me in a future episode of The Actor’s Diet podcast – that’s the only mandatory entry – leave a comment saying you’re willing to be interviewed. Lots of extra ways to win below!

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22 thoughts on “Keeping it Del Real

  1. K

    Oh geez. I remember a flyer that was included with one of my Disney VHS’s I received for Christmas when I was a kid saying that you could have a telephone call on your birthday with either Cinderella or Ariel, one of the princesses, for about an outrageous rate per minute. Obviously, my parents never let me do that, I had better sense than to even ask. I was not a super girly child, but what little girl wouldn’t have been thrilled to talk with Belle or Snow White?
    This offer Lynn, kind of reminds me of that. A chance to talk with one of my modern role-models? Yay! A yummy looking pre-made dinner is just a bonus! Sign me up! 🙂 I also just want to apologise for any residual nerdiness that anyone may absorb from reading what I’ve written. Good luck all!

  2. cg

    Sure, why not? A chance to talk about meat, there are so many different stories… poignant ones involving ground meat and grandparents, funny ones including bacon and coworkers, and gastronomical ones involving fancy restaurants… it’s limitless.

  3. Annette

    Love to chat about the simple dishes that are so comforting, from poor man’s fish tacos to meatless bean soup. I enjoy the range of foods your blog highlights!

  4. heather

    tamales are literally my favorite food and i eat them at least 3x a week. my friends and i adore mexican food and i would be happy to share this with them, and then talk to you about it on your podcast (which i love!)

  5. Cindy

    I’ve been out of pocket all week and am reading the week’s posts in reverse. Don’t know if it is too late to jump on the I’ll try it train, but I’ll try it. I’m a TexMex snob especially when it comes to salsa. I might even warm up my Texas accent for the chat…just for fun. 😉

  6. Samantha Paulin

    I would absolutely love to try it! I was a vegetarian for 5 years and just started eating meat again this year so I love getting to try and rediscover all types of meats. My friends would tell you that I’m a bit obsessed with it!

  7. carey

    I am willing, as long as you are OK if I get backup from my foodies-in-training, my daughters. They have a food blog where they write about their reactions to all things food-related. They would be thrilled to taste the food, but might abstain from the spicy salsa. I am excited about all of it.

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