Podcast 3 – Jamie Chung

Here’s Episode 3 of The Actor’s Diet Podcast with actress and hot sauce lover Jamie Chung!  I’ve admired Jamie’s work from afar for years – it wasn’t until this past SDAFF that we finally crossed paths.  We have become foodie friends – I know she likes hot sauce so I gave her this bottle when she came over to record this podcast.

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And now she blogs too! Check out her fashion site What the Chung, which just launched.

Along with the interview, you can also hear my mother-in-law Wendy Lee Forman’s review of Yonanas.  It’s basically a machine that will turn any frozen fruit into a frozen dessert.  You know, banana ice cream and such.  But while we were visiting her in Philadelphia she created this beautiful bowl of frozen dessert – it was so much more than just bananas – and I had to know more!


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5 thoughts on “Podcast 3 – Jamie Chung

  1. Lez

    Yay! Love Jamie! Thank you for having her as one of your guests for your podcast. I’m really enjoying these, I hope you keep making more for us!

  2. Jibril

    Love the podcast! I haven’t been a reader of The Actor’s Diet for long, but I was thinking that it would be great if you had Abe on for an episode.

    It’d be great to hear his thoughts on food since he’s been a vegetarian for so long. Although, I’m guessing you might have already talked about that somewhere in the site archives.

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      This is a great idea, Jibril – I’ve never focused on Abe’s vegetarianism in past posts – this would be a lovely way to put him on the spot. Hee hee.

      1. Cindy

        I agree. It would be great to hear from Abe. Plus he’s pretty adorable and it would be fun to hear the two of you interact.

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