Monday Review

Oh, hello Manic Monday. I’ve been running errands all morning + playing with Amy + Vivi, fueled by an apple and Jem’s Super Berry Almond Butter



…strangely pretty – like my nails. My gel manicure has grown out; I’ve given them a second life by applying a sparkly polish for a reverse french manicure look, til i’m ready to go get them removed. Still debating whether I’ll just get another one, but I’ve been thrilled with my first experience.


Thought I’d share some other positive reviews – have been REALLY happy with Shopbop’s return policy – they let me exchange a shirt a few months later that developed 2 holes…


…also pleased with the folks at Nordstrom, who offered to pay for Abe’s tailoring after the Father’s Day Sale Fail.


Product review! Fancy schmancy seasoning makes a HUGE difference in cooking, so when Gustus Vitae offered to send me some, I got excited…


…especially since they’re local, and started by a fellow actor (you Gleeks may know Vanessa as Sugar Motta).


3 samples – Taste of Cajun, Green Tea Sea Salt, and Natural Smoked Salt


…which added wonderful flavor to my Maple Dijon Dressing for brunch at Michelle’s a little while back.


My favorite part is the tins stick to the fridge – so I don’t forget to use them…


…you can order their products online, or pick them up at the Farmer’s Market – follow their blog for more info and recipes!


You’ll hear another food review from my mother-in-law Wendy in the next podcast episode, which I’m about to record the intro/outro for now and upload. Would love to hear from any fellow pet owners/vet folks about pet insurance plans? Am thinking about putting Julius on one now that he’s getting older.


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