Life’s a Beach and a Rose

Still on East Coast time, so we took advantage of our early Sunday rise and drove down to Orange County before beach traffic hit.


A little walk along the Laguna Beach Boardwalk…



…then a drive over to Corona del Mar for breakfast burritos. The scene over at Rose Bakery Cafe was bonkers. Can you spot Abe?!?


We couldn’t find a table, so I changed our order to go…


…but then we found a seat…


…luckily – because the kitchen never got the message and it wound up being delivered on plates.


Split our two vegetarian orders – one with eggs, cheese, mushrooms, avocado, spinach, onion, and potato…


…the other with just egg whites and avocado – plus lots of salsa!!!


Julius enjoyed his cup of ice…


…and met some new friends. You can see more pix on his Facebook page!


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3 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach and a Rose

  1. James

    Rose Bakery Cafe is a perfectly placed little restaurant with great food that you can eat in a casual setting with friends. I really enjoyed reading this review and now I’ve got a craving for burritos!

  2. Dave

    I have to agree Rose Bakery Cafe looks so yummy, I am going to have to go up there and eat, I don’t live to far from there. What would you recommend?

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