Woke Up This Morning…

…said goodbye to my brother and his family


…this is the last time we’ll all be together at my parents’ NJ home.


Now you can see why we’re so obsessed with The Sopranos – it kinda looks like Tony’s home, huh?!?


That’s right – Abe and I continued our Sopranos Tour today – with a trip to see the famous driveway…


Livia’s place


…and “Green Grove” – which is actually “Green Hill.”


I noshed on a Blueberry Bagel during our adventures…



…spoiled my appetite for the finale!


FYI I have NOT seen the last episode of the series, nor do I want to know what happens. But I’m well aware it all takes place at Holsten’s.



Abe ordered a cup of mint chocolate chip at the counter – I didn’t have any…


…noshed on a bowl of grapes in the backyard, before the rain came pouring down for the last time.


Been reading emails Meadow.

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7 thoughts on “Woke Up This Morning…

  1. Lez

    *hugs* I don’t know how I will take it when my parents finally decide to sell my childhood home; I’d probably cry myself silly. But at least you have so, so many memories and that’s what’s important. =)

    I hope you had a wonderful time back home with the family. <3

  2. Fran@BCDC

    It’s very hard to break away from a physical place. We carry so many memories in our hearts, but the physical place has a hold on us as well. I’m going through that a bit now, getting ready to sell what was my Grandparent’s house. Sad, but necessary to move on to the next chapter of my life. They wouldn’t want me stuck here. I’m sure as your Dad looks down on all of you, he wants to you to remember and honor him, but move on with your lives. Thinking of you, Lynn…I know this is hard.

  3. Gail Flackett

    Thanks for this entry…the photo of family, the house,and great photo of Abe. What a feat…a move. The house looks beautiful. Also, goobye again to the Sopranos, and, of course, James Gandolfini.

  4. Alex

    It’s been a while since I watched The Sopranos! This post brings back memories. I’m going to watch it again on dvd, haha. Now, where did I put it….

  5. Cary

    I don’t know what is sadder: knowing that you’ll leave very soon, or the act of leaving itself. But fortunately, not all goodbyes mean it is the end. For me, goodbyes mean “see you later”. Anyway, thank you for the beautiful post. More power to you.

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