Pei Wei

This meal is hosted.

To escape the heat, there’s only one movie to see – THE HEAT!


…Abe and I split this pack of Jelly Belly’s new “natural” candy (from my V3 Conference SWAG bag)…


…then stopped in Beverly Hills on the drive home for an early dinner.


Pei Wei is owned by the P.F. Chang’s peeps – a more casual version of their Asian-themed food…


…I’ve never been to one, so they sent a gift card to try their new lettuce wraps.


Asked if they could do one with tofu, but was told no – so I ordered the Thai Chicken for myself…


…and a vegetarian Pad Thai for Abe.


Stole a bite…


…and polished off all four lettuce cups.



They have cookies on the menu for dessert – I stuck with a free fortune one…



…plus frozen grapes + miso while watching Tony and crew before bed.


Actually heading off to the land of Sopranos and home-cooked Chinese food – gonna use Uber for the first time instead of a cab – see you in Jersey!


2 thoughts on “Pei Wei

  1. emily (a nutritionist eats)

    We have a Pei Wei right near us and went not too long ago, I was SO disappointed! The only decent thing we had was the lettuce wraps (which I really did like) but the rest of the food was SO bland/greasy. Was bummed because I like PF Changs and expected the same quality!

  2. Lez

    Hmmm, you know what? I had never heard of a P.F. Changs until I went to college! I had never, ever seen one in the metropolitan NYC area and yet when I went to school, a lot of people from the New England area would mention it. So strange!

    Anyway, can you let us know how your Uber experience is? It sounds interesting, but I just took a glance at the prices and it looks pretty expensive. =X Happy traveling, though! =)

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