The Surly Goat

I try not to book food events two days in a row, but how could I resist a Beer Float tasting? It sounded good to me, and I don’t even drink alcohol!


Eboni came as my designated drinker for a special Happy Hour at The Surly Goat starring McConnell’s Ice Cream.


Still digesting my BBQ Dinner from the night before (plus an entire cantaloupe I ate earlier in the day) so I stuck to one glass.


We headed outside, where the lighting was better for food photography.



Eboni sipped on a “Naughty and Nice” Float…


…and I thoroughly enjoyed my Vanilla Bean, Turkish Coffee, Sweet Cream, and Dark Chocolate Orange.



Back home, all my stomach could handle was miso + grapes.


Speaking of tummies, thank you so much for all your love with the infertility issues aren’t something I’ve ever shared publicly until recently – though I did blog (anonymously) about my process for Mom Logic years ago. I hope that my history continues to help those who are struggling and confused. Life can be so utterly painful and unfair, but also unbelievably sweet and generous.

I mean, beer floats, people. Beer floats.

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10 thoughts on “The Surly Goat

  1. Brigid

    Thank you for being brave and sharing your struggles.
    I was just talking to someone else yesterday about wishing topics like infertility weren’t so taboo. I know you know this, but you’re not alone. Lots of love to you.

  2. Cortney

    For every person you KNOW you are helping there are countless others you are helping that will never meet, or even hear about. Your bravery and transparency in talking about eating disorders, infertility, grief and rejection is honorable. Those are not easy topics to tackle. You are doing great work and the fact that you are not afraid to “go there” is beyond admirable!

    And of course you talk about your happy times, too. Always adding in a dose of humor πŸ™‚

    Life is a crazy mix of ups and downs and navigating it all is an adventure, for sure.

  3. Kristen

    Thank you for sharing your infertility posts. I thoroughly enjoy all of your writing and wanted to express my gratitude for your open and honest views about the tough struggles in life. Thank you!

  4. selina

    Lynn, I read everyday but rarely comment. I clicked over Mom Logic and read every one of your post. I can’t imagine how hard it was to write about what you were going through, the ridiculous comments sure didn’t help. I have been through every test and emotion you talked about. Please know you are helping so many, and we can all help each other by sharing our knowledge and experiences. *hugs*

  5. Trevor

    My head is spinning right now at the inspirations of this post. I think that as bloggers we all have our issues with regards to our need for anonymity as well as the drive to share. Its all good. And these photos make me very hungry right now!

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