Kaya Toast for Dummies

Everyone I know is pretty much obsessed with Kaya Toast. Here’s the version from Susan Feniger’s Street.


When we ate at The Spice Table two months ago, our group could NOT get enough of their version as well. I figured this dish was simple enough to make at home – there are recipes to make Coconut Jam from scratch, but I was relieved to see all the hard work done for me at my local Thai Market.


Spotted at Silom, right next door to my favorite Thai restaurant Ruen Pair, the bakery Bhan Kanom Thai, and this scary-ass motel.


Similar to Bangkok Market, except a little larger, with more prepared foods…


…like this – can anyone translate/guide?


Along with the coconut egg spread, they have everything else you would need for Kaya Toast…


…like the Toast…


…and special Black Soy Sauce – though regular is fine, too.


I compiled a number of recipes I found online…


..this was a little birthday gift for my fellow Kaya Toast Head, Emily.


Perfect thing to eat while listening to me read “Crazy Rich Asians” to you – the audio version comes out tomorrow!!!

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recipe · June 10, 2013

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  1. Kayy

    ห่อหมกปลา is steamed fish with curry paste Def. the tase
    Like Pa-nang but make from fish /curry/coconut milk and thai herb

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