Ai See You

Been waiting all month for this!!!


Just having lunch with Angela Ai was stirring for me; 5 hours in her workshop = transformational.


Started off the day with the usual melon, then packed a couple energy bars to nibble on during breaks.


I wound up snacking on the Chocolate Chip Clif Bar – there was a lot of movement involved! Angela just finished four years in the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Program, which utilizes your physical body to unblock emotional energy.


Afterwards I was really craving a salad. Abe and I hit Veggie Grill


…where I had my usual


…plus a bite of his Buffalo Bomber.


Then, we walked across the street to Walgreens for froyo…


…but unfortunately, had to throw them out after one bite. TASTED LIKE SOAP!!!


Still had the other energy bars in my purse and cleansed my palate with half of the KIND Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan


…and came home to grapes + miso.


Was utterly wiped, and skipped game night with Star + Adam  – all that physical AND emotional unblocking is completely draining/exhausting – but in a good way, like after a workout.  Angela has a Weekly Artists Group starting up on Wednesdays, plus another 1-day Workshop in July. You can also see her one-on-one – even via Skype if you’re not in Los Angeles – I can’t recommend her enough!  Trainer, therapist, and spiritual advisor – all- in-one.

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