Microwave Chocolate Bread Pudding for Two

Hot to make Microwave Chocolate Bread Pudding, in two small servings.

I really want a quick dessert today, so I’m making Microwave Chocolate Bread Pudding for two.


…4 slices Sandwich Bread, 1/3 cup egg whites, 1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1/4 cup brown sugar, handful chopped Lindt Chocolate.  Divided into twin sprayed ramekins, and microwave for 7 minutes.  Not bad for a quickie dessert – make sure you cover all the bread in the custard, or it will be tough n chewy.


Melanie Maras and I are meeting up at I Heart Nails today for a little beautification at I Heart Nails.  My bread pudding spoils my appetite for a post-mani/pedi trip to Joan’s on Third. I’ve actually eaten a lot of to-go foods from this LA Institution.  But I haven’t been to the actual store/bakery/restaurant in a while. Will have to do a future post on their new decor…


…and this epic-looking banana cake.



7 thoughts on “Microwave Chocolate Bread Pudding for Two

      1. Kevin B

        Not being a dog owner, I have now learned something new. I did know that chocolate is very dangerous for dogs, but I didn’t know about grapes or raisins.

  1. Emily

    Microwave bread pudding?? Sign me up! That was my favorite dessert when I was young which everyone always thought was strange. I’d choose bread pudding over cookies and ice-cream any day!

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