The true sign of summer in Los Angeles…


…blooming Jacaranda trees, whose flowers fall everywhere. I mean everywhere.


My tires popped over them as I drove to meet Hourie for coffee at Intelligentsia this morning…


…nothing for me – I wound up wolfing down a Banana Nut Bread Clif Bar in the car…


…really not pretty. But it tasted rather good…


…beauty that stings or ugliness that sings?


6 thoughts on “Jacaranda

  1. Leslie Durso

    I love when the Jacaranda’s are in bloom! … right up until you park under one and they get stuck to your car 😉 But they really are so pretty!

  2. Emily

    LOVE when Jacaranda’s are in bloom. Gorgeous.

    And, ironically enough, the banana nut Clif bar is one of the only flavors I enjoy- the other ones always leave me with a weird aftertaste!

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