Banana Beach Birthday

Despite a crazy Monday/Tuesday (<—great pix from Stanford on Facebook!) and being slightly sleep-deprived, I had to make a trip to see this.


Like most of the world, I’m an Arrested Development fan – last time I was at The Grove I saw the Stair Car


…the line for The Bluth Banana Stand was slightly longer, stretching all the way past Topshop!


They were giving out free frozen bananas, but I also saw people giving up/buying them from Bennett’s in The Farmer’s Market.


Didn’t have time for one – had to vote + get to the beach before rush hour…


…to see the beautiful birthday girl!


Leslie had a bunch of snacks spread out. I went to town on chips with salsa/guac…


…crudite with Trader Joe’s hummus…


…and several of their Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Back home, miso with fresh strawberries, frozen mango/grapes before bed. We keep bananas stashed in the freezer too, but those are for JuliusKong!


Bennett's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon


4 thoughts on “Banana Beach Birthday

  1. Emily

    I was wondering if the line would be ridiculously long for the bananas! I’m glad I didn’t attempt to get over there yesterday. Still super cool though. (:
    And happy birthday to Leslie!

  2. Elizabeth @

    So cool that you saw the stair car and banana stand! I follow AD on facebook so I’ve been seeing all of the LA events and wishing I could go. (Darn baby ruining my schedule.) Although it definitely doesn’t seem worth it to stand in that line, even for a free banana. SO excited for Sunday!!

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