Festival of Books

This is the 18th LA Times Festival of Books, but my first year going!


The main reason I’ve put it off so long is because I get anxious in crowds (and heat). And I must admit, that today had lots of both, but I still had fun.





First stop – food.


I still can’t get over that there’s a LEMONADE on campus.


The line was bonkers. I sampled some apple braised cabbage with goat cheese first.


Decided on the Kale, Mushroom, and Kumquat + Chili Roasted Butternut Squash. Abe also got the latter, but with snap peas + edamame.


We got pretty lost around campus. Stopped at Built for a Cherry Vanilla Pibb Zero – they have the coolest fountain soda machine (the burgers looked really good too).


Just missed hearing Winnie Cooper


…but caught one of the last panels of the day.


I now know more about Plants, Maps, and Lesbians in the 17th Century than I did this morning.


Refueling at home with some melon before heading back downtown to see E.D. Sedgwick play tonight. Festival of Books continues tomorrow – not sure if we’ll have the stamina to go again, but I do recommend it to my fellow Angelenos!

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3 thoughts on “Festival of Books

  1. Kristel

    So glad you were able to go! I went yesterday as well and like you, I’m not a big fan of crowds or the heat. I took like 3 pictures, gave up because it was so damn hot, and then wandered around for a while lol

  2. Annie G.

    Ahh how I miss my alma mater! If you ever go again, I’d recommend checking out the cooking demos! The ones I attended taught me how to make kimchi and pasta. 🙂 Of course I’ve forgotten, though…

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